ePlace has a commitment to giving back to the community and to making the home buying and selling process transparent to end users. Part of this commitment includes providing in-depth, unbiased information to consumers through workshops and online content.

Information on the current workshops is available below. These workshops are free and open to the public but require pre-registration to reserve a space. All workshop (unless otherwise indicated) are held at our offices at 830 Mass Ave in Cambridge.

The Savvy Home Buyer

This workshop covers the home-buying process in detail. It includes:

  • deciding on the price point that is right for you
  • understanding mortgages, mortgage expenses, and getting pre-approved
  • finding a home and working with an agent
  • property due diligence and comparative market analysis
  • elements of the offer
  • home inspection, purchase and sale, mortgage contingency, walk-through and closing
  • special discussion of getting a property in a highly competitive market and paths to affordable home-ownership.

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Real Estate Investing

This session covers the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. We will:

  • talk about real estate vs. other types of investments;
  • run the numbers on a multi-family investment property;
  • understand capitalization rate, rent multiplier, and return on investment;
  • discuss taxes and financing;
  • review detailed real-life examples of a condo conversion and rental project;
  • discuss “lessons learned” from local investors.

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