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ePlace has a commitment to giving back to the community and to making the home buying and selling process transparent to buyers and sellers. We provide in-depth, unbiased information through workshops and online content on a variety of topics: home-buying, real estate investing, green homes, condominium conversion, preparing your home for sale, landlord-tenant topics, green homes, and more.

Information on the current workshops is available below. Workshops are free and open to the public but require pre-registration to reserve a space.

The Savvy Home Buyer

The Savvy Home Buyer gives you an overview of the home buying process with special emphasis on things you should know to keep you safe through your search and purchase. In this two-hour workshop we’ll learn about:

1) mortgages, mortgage expenses, and getting pre-approved
2) how to evaluate different areas, find a home and learn what’s involved in working with an agent
3) how to vet a property and figure out its fair market value.

We’ll go through the specific forms involved in purchasing a property and talk about the home inspection, purchase and sale, mortgage contingency, walk-through and closing.

We’ll also have a special discussion about getting property in a highly competitive market and talk about some paths to affordable home ownership.

Workshops are interactive and information-packed, and there’s always an opportunity for questions. Happy house-hunting!

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Real Estate Investing

The Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Investing workshop is a hands-on introduction to real estate investing that aims to get your comfortable with some basic ways to evaluate real estate investment. In this workshop we will:

1) run the numbers on a multi-family investment property;
2) understand capitalization rate, rent multiplier, and return on investment;
3) discuss financing and taxes;
4) review detailed real-life examples of a condo conversion and a rental project;
5) discuss “lessons learned” from local investors, including myself.

These workshops are interactive, information-packed, and there’s always an opportunity for questions. Best of luck with all of your adventures in real estate.

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