What People are Saying About “Creating a Green Home”

“Your presentation was EXCELLENT! It was exactly the overview we needed. thank you!” –Kristin and Bill M.

“Thank you very much for the GREAT workshop. You did a wonderful job . . . Thanks for the information. I would love to stay in touch. Thanks again.” — Katherine W.

“Hi Rachael, thank you very much for the materials. The workshop was very informative, especially all the points of contacts will be much of a timesaver for us . . . thank you very much!” — Eva B.

“OUTSTANDING workshop on making your home Green: Eplace Homes has a truly Green (environmentally-minded) realtor on the staff. I attended a workshop they offer regularly at their office on making your home Green, whether you’re building, renovating, or retrofitting. I’ve been reading up on this stuff for years, and I learned so much that I hadn’t known before– particularly, lots of specific details about materials — pros, cons, construction issues — and details about good sources for materials locally and nationally, information, contacts for testing and construction, etc. Rachael Burger, who gave the workshop, is a deeply dedicated, very experienced user and researcher of Green materials. She has acted as general contractor on a number of projects, so she has evaluated all of the materials she talked about, and used many of them. Her presentation (slides + her commentary) was very well organized and clear. She offers to email the presentation to you if you want it and is happy if you forward it to other people.” — Meg L.

“Very helpful. Excited to receive the presentation by email as I will get a lot of use out of it. Many thanks” — Cristina U.

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