What People are Saying about “Real Estate Investing”

“Great information, no sales pitch. Good practical information about costs, formulas, and determining the bottom line. Look forward to attending more workshops. Thanks you Rachael — great job presenting the materials.” — Mary M.

“ Great learning experience based on real projects/investments. All squeezed in one presentation and for free and for the purpose of sharing knowledge and community (Unique). I look forward for the next learning opportunities with Rachael. ” — Maher M

“This workshop was really helpful for me and gave me a good perspective on the investment process.” –Lucy C.

“ As a new investor I have attended many workshops and seminars over the past year, offered by local real estate investing associations, expo’s etc. Some have been free, others for a price. I have received useful information from them all, but even the free ones have an upsale… It was very refreshing to have a truly free service provided by the Eplace Real Estate Office with no-strings-attached. Rachael’s manner was warm and sincere and her presentation/workshop was equally if not more coherent with more practical info than most of the other things I have been to. On top of that, attendees receive emails with copies of her whole Power Point presentation and handouts for free! I highly recommend attending this workshop! ”–Daniel S.

“The real examples in very different situations are very nice. I think the information was very helpful — very nice your attitude related with the different points of view.” — Doris M.

“It was very helpful to look at live case studies. Very good. I’m trying to organize myself to do some investment in Roxbury/Dorchester so this is very insightful.” — Phil H.

“It was helpful to learn the basic terms that help you determine if something is a good investment. Going through real-life scenarios also very helpful.” — Dan S.

“Super. Real life examples were great!” — Gina R.

“Thanks for the Real Estate Investing Workshop. The workshop was very informational and had some practical advice. Best part of the workshop was the examples that you walked us though explaining cash flow, Gross Rent Multiplier, ROI etc. Thanks again.” — Nazik H.

“I took your workshop on RE investment last week. I learned a lot and thank you for that. I am sure I’ll attend more of your workshops, please keep me in your list.” — Costas B.

“I would like to thank you for facilitating the Real Estate Investment workshop yesterday. I especially like how meticulous and thorough you are. Your approach to and knowledge of the process mirrors the way I aspire to one day handle these transactions.” — Anthonia B.

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