What People are Saying About “The Savvy Home Buyer”

“Rachael was concise + clear — the handouts and her explanations made everything so much more comprehensible!” — Victoria C.

“Loan information very helpful. Concise and honest. Thank you for answering my many questions.” — Lee M.

“Rachael did a good job — explained very well. She seems reliable, not an agressive person, and humble. I feel she can protect me (the buyer). Thanks!” — Grace L.

“Good review and overview of the buying process. I’ll return for the investing workshop.” — Lucy C.

“I loved the small group setting. My ‘ignorance’ as a first time buyer/beginner in the process was not a big deal. Your warm way and careful explanations were very much appreciated. The handouts and reference to web site was great” — Sonny W.

“Excellent workshop. Nicely paced, VERY informative, GREAT down-to-earth presentation. Thank you!” — Roger S.

“Subtle information not mentioned anywhere else” — Nazik H.

“Very helpful, especially going over forms and process tips.” — Amy M.

” Very informative. Great list of sources/documents that are available after workshop. A great overview, thank you!” — Gautam G.

“Sheena and I got an exceptional amount of info from your workshop last night, thanks for putting that on! I would recommend these workshops to any of my friends!” — Rich M.

“Very clear presentation. I feel more confident about my search process now!” — Don K.

” found the mortgage financing session extremely useful last time round. In the realm of the home buying experience, this is the least discussed and probably the most important are to understand.” — Monica W.

“I just came back from a First Time Home Buyers Seminar at ePlace. I’ve been to a few of these in last 2 years and was very impressed by the presentation their agent, Rachael, gave. She was professional, well prepared, had outstanding materials, and did not treat her audience like children . . . she asked great questions to let everyone feel positive about the searching/buying process. Once I’m ready to sell/buy I’ll give them a serious look for services.”
— Chris B.

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